1. You've walked into an Atlantic City or a Las Vegas casino and said 'This place suuuuucks compared to Mohegan'. Sonic?? In a casino??!.. Tots do not compare to a Bobby Flay burger, or a Pepe's White Clam pie.

Michael Hickey - Getty Images

2. You know someone from New Haven who says they were there when Jim Morrison was arrested, the Stones played Toad's Place, or that they were at The Moon when Nirvana played. Aw dude, Cobain was in rare form that night.   Yeah....we know...

Justin Sullivan - Getty Images

3. You know the difference between a Connecticut lobster roll (warm, with drawn butter), and a Maine lobster roll (chilled, with mayo). I love mayo, but there is nothing more perfect than butter and lobster on a grilled hot dog bun. Ayuh!

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4.  75% of your neighbors own a Hunter Green Subaru Forester that hasn't been through a car wash in 8 months.

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5.  You've unintentionally seen Michael Franti and Spearhead, Darik and the Funbags, Rusted Root, or 'Dr. Dirty' John Valby. One of these acts is playing somewhere in Connecticut right now.

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