Here's hoping that bringing sexy back gets the monkey back!

There is just so much intense news these days, that when I find a piece that makes me laugh out loud, I have to share it.

In a story from, Forest Park in Springfield, Massachusetts is missing a monkey. It seems that eight-year-old Dizzy the monkey has been on the loose since escaping from his enclosure on Tuesday.

We all know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but the tasty apricots that the zoo tried to lure Dizzy back, didn't get the job done. Time to bring in a hot babe to hopefully get the job done.

Forest Park zoo officials say they brought Dizzy's mate, Mitzy, out and returned her to the enclosure in an effort to entice Dizzy back to his home. Dizzy, at this point, has not heard her sirens call.

C'mon Dizzy, Mitzy misses her big man.