The new three R's in academics are reading, writing, RIOT! 

According to FOX 61, a 10-year-old elementary school student having behavior problems injured four teachers by throwing classroom chairs at them during a tantrum. This kid sounds like a tooth-chipper.

This, I have to examine from all sides. First, I was once a student. Not a good student, but I was one, technically. I remember that there were certain teachers I very much disliked. There was my high school typing teacher, who told me I should think about being a male stripper when I grow up. Her rationale was that I would never amount to anything else, and chunky people are a niche market in the stripping world. Then, there was the English teacher who would rub my shoulders while I took a test. It was uncalled for and uncomfortable. Also, there was any gym teacher who had to give me the scoliosis test. Couldn't they bring in a physician? So, did I ever think about chucking a chair at a teacher or four? You're damn right I did!

Second, I am a parent. I would like to think my children are above this kind of behavior. I think that they are, but they are very young, and there is a lot of time for them to grow and make mistakes. You also never know exactly what a child is going through.

Third, there are the teachers. They have a ridiculous job. It's so hard to get anything done. It's hard because they are now crippled with common core math, which is really stupid and all about money. They cannot say anything to kids without being subject to all sorts of scrutiny.

It's a complicated time to be a teacher, student or parent. We all need to take into account what the other person is going through, or has to go through, to do their respective job. Or we can just rage and riot in unison.