The soundproofing is almost complete for the grand opening of Danbury's new recording studio named Studio 170 will be located inside the Danbury Public Library.

Amanda Gilbertie, the library's digital services librarian told the NewsTimes:

This is for kids, for older people, for anyone who has their own band, and for people who want to record anything.

Why the Danbury Library you might ask? I'll tell you why, studio time is absolutely free! The $18,000 studio was built with a donation from the Friends of the Danbury Library. Aurelio Muraca, who works in the library's technology center, also told the NewsTimes:

This a state-of-the-art facility, but it's not a professional-grade studio.

Once you're inside the studio and the door's been closed, you can scream your face off and not freak anybody out in the hallway of the library. The Danbury Library's technology staff told the NewsTimes that the plan was to make Studio 170 available to anyone who wants to use it, but to also develop classes and programming around the studio.

For all the particulars about how to reserve Studio 170 and when it's available, click on